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I think there was a little confusion here due to me not explaining myself properly, so I would like to rectify that now.

Yet, big groups of married ladies prefer to choose the safe way of seeking a betrothed man for an affair – the on the internet dating service.Women who find themselves in this kind of relationship usually feel trapped and unable to leave their husbands or partners for a number of different reasons, one recurring reason is that the couple have children together.It used to be thought that only men cheated, or at least it was accepted that men had out there, we know that is not true and we can say, ‘thankfully those days are long behind us and not likely to ever return again.’ Their is no one reason why married women and men seek out other married people, but it has been said that, if two people in similar situations are taking similar risks, then it feels like the risk or burden is being halved.While there have been a lot of concerns lately about efforts to misuse "wiretapping" laws that forbid any recordings of people without their knowledge, it appears at least a few courts are recognizing how silly that is.Yet another court has now said that secretly recording a conversation -- in this case with an i Phone -- is okay, assuming there was no crime committed with the recording, and the recording was for a legitimate purpose. The act of recording alone, shouldn't be a criminal act, as it really depends on what is being done with the recording.Virtual dating is regarded as the next stage of online dating and important if you are looking for married women seeking married men.

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