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It’s a little bit of a cop-out for Andrew Wilson to blame Luke, it’s a little like couples blaming children for a divorce.

Doesn’t this seem more like something that Owen Wilson would have done?

There is never any sarcastic edge to Wilson’s characters. PICCIOLI: This is a big position for us, the first time we are interviewers, but we promise not to ask you about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Often they are downright dreamers, lost little boys maybe, but eager, wide-eyed in their searches, whether for a father (as in Anderson’s For sheer Wilsonness, though, it would be hard to top Hansel, the Razor-scooter-riding model and spider-monkey aficionado Wilson plays across from Stiller’s Derek Zoolander. [] MARIA GRAZIA CHIURI: We first met in Paris, at our show. WILSON: I guess I was a little bit nervous, because there seemed to be so much secrecy with Ben [Stiller] wanting to make sure that it was a surprise when we walked out on the runway.

PICCIOLI: We are always asked where our inspiration comes from when we design a collection.

How do you, when building the characters you play, build the layers of the character?

And, of course, she has a reputation—she can be very intimidating—but that day she was just smiling and laughing.

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