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Once you locate this folder, you can save songs on your flash drive with ease.Click the "File" menu, highlight "Library" and click "Organize Library." Select the "Consolidate files" and "Upgrade to i Tunes Media organization" check boxes, to have i Tunes organize your songs in the i Tunes Media folder. When you make these changes, i Tunes automatically transfers any media files in its library and on your computer into the i Tunes Media folder, so you don't have to do it manually.So, the long and the short of it is, is there a way to move an i Tunes library that has all of the music in a network location from a Mac to a PC?I've "moved" my library locally several times by simply backing up the i Tunes file, opening it in a text editor, and doing a find/replace for the correct new path.If you tell i Tunes on the PC to store your media on the network drive, you might be able to get it so that consolidating the library doesn't move the files locally, but stores the file paths in the library with relative paths based on the network share where you tell it to store the library.I've done something like this to move my i Tunes library from a PC where I had my Music folder in a non-standard location, but I wasn't doing the second step that you want -- I just copied the music files into the default location on my Mac, and then copied over the i Tunes library file from the PC, and it was able to find all the same files even though they were now in "/Users/.../i Tunes Music" instead of "S:\Music."So it might work to set up i Tunes on both computers to store your library on the network share, then just copy the i Tunes library file.

Locate your flash drive's icon in the removable drives section and double-click it to view the drive's content.It also can be beneficial for transferring your songs from one computer to another, or from one i Tunes library to another.By default, i Tunes songs are stored in the i Tunes Media folder for easy management.It seems like I should be able to just move my library directory/files from Windows machine to the Mac and have it continue to find my music on the network (the Mac can see the Music share on the WHS just fine), but when I tried this, i Tunes on the Mac reported everything as missing.Looking at the properties of the file using Get Info, I see that it appended "file://localhost" in front of the network path.Finally, Garrick dives into the REAPER mixing features, showing how to apply effects, use sends, add automation, and mix down and export the final track.

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