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The result was a 'serious increase in the sale' of O2M.

Inglot said the company was unable to immediately meet all requests for orders, but that the phenomenon was so fresh that he didn't yet have any figures on sales.

'They felt so good that someone was finally telling them "you are allowed to do this."'There are still some outstanding questions, however, about how breathable the nail polish will be if multiple coats are used — say a clear bottom coat, two layers of color plus a top coat, as is common.

Before his death, Inglot was working to answer this question and gather other data on the product.

A Polish award he received last year praised him for 'proving that Poland is a country where innovative technologies go hand-in-hand with beauty.' Today his company has shops in almost 50 countries, including one at Times Square in New York City and boutiques in malls from Moscow to Istanbul to Dubai.

A new 'breathable' nail polish by a Polish company, Inglot, is changing that.

The company and some Muslims say the polish is the first of its kind because it lets air and moisture pass through to the nail.

A craze has built up around it with Muslim women in recent months after an Islamic scholar in the United States tested its permeability and published an article saying that, in his view, it complies with Muslim law. A craze has built up around O2M nail polish after an Islamic scholar in the U. tested its permeability and published an article saying that, in his view, it complies with Muslim law 'It's huge,' said Saleh, a 35-year-old who hadn't polished her nails in many years but immediately went out and bought the product in five colors, including a bright pink, a burgundy and a mauve. I feel more feminine — and I just love it.'The news of Inglot's breathable polish has in recent months spread quickly from woman to woman and over the Internet.

Some simply don't want to take the trouble of getting a manicure that won't last long.'It was a big headache for me to put it on only for five days, so I didn't wear it for a long time,' said Saleh, who was born in Sri Lanka but now lives in Anaheim, California, where she is a teacher of preschool and kindergarten level children. We are supposed to cover up, but nowhere does it say "don't be fashionable."''I don't think there is a single Muslim living here,' Inglot said in an interview with The Associated Press nine days before his death at his factory in Przemysl, near the border with Ukraine.

'We didn't even think about this.'Inglot said the chemical formula is 'tricky' and 'quite expensive' to produce, and that the profit margin on O2M is not high.

However, he said he was determined to develop a breathable polish knowing that consumers are ever more focused on health and expecting them to welcome a varnish that would let the nail breathe.

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