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bitguernica: FCT liking that altitude Lisky Business: Mc Lovie, yeah, but rumor about margin trading Crypto Pimpto: Hilltop Trader, yeah there's a lot of news floating around sdc..

They're kinda hush about it but I'd say join their Slack channel. Atlanta: PRO TIP: Some rely on charts, others rely on Trolls.

Crypto Bit Seeker: joseph-54f8, Polo is a USA entity, you think they'd be a party to RICO no way flymetothexmr: mondrakete final stages romanlanskoj: Lisky Business, margin call trading Hilltop Trader: who else is holding sdc? I see it taking over a large part of the mining community.

spider: Soy Felce, voice yourself joseph-54f8: Crypto Bit Seeker, Polo is common carrier, so no Miner Dunn: Soy Felce, don't buy at market value if you decide to dip your toes in the water. Captain Crypto: Lisky Business, that's awesome edison: Hilltop Trader, yip hoopatang: wow, fdc climbed out of the gravity pit jestronix: watch exp boys, shes been pre loading for some time now Plunder420: Miner Dunn, same to you brother. ridethesky: XMR is gearing up for a pump or a dump right now and i cant figure out which way...

not a whole lot of info online about rx4xx hashrates yet Periphery: thunderwolf, howl are youuuuu spider: Crypto Pimpto, xvc is romanlanskoj: guys if you want to pump EXP - please wait the morning. Thank you kindly kimdotnet: cpavlovic, have no clue.

I cannot place the order yet AT1: Thanx XMRFanboy & Crypto Pimpto.... all i know is the coin was undervalued to begin with Chunder Cat: Dirtybird204, ty Periphery: thunderwolf, uhhh nope, have to wait for a phonecall for the appointment which is going to take forever lol moha: xmr is amazing. it'll be #2 soon Crypto Bit Seeker: moha, 1 Soy Felce: necesito saber porque piensan que xmr va a subir ? I joined the SDC slack, I recommend anybody that invests should get involved in the community so truly understand the value. if the dumper will let it happen Mr Bates: moha, already is #2.

Allowing you to drive off in a pricey vehicle is not something they’re comfortable with, especially since they may be the ones who lose out.

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Not to say that it’s impossible, but it can be a major obstacle.cpavlovic: kimdotnet, true what would be your target for fair value in usd? romanlanskoj: Big Tex, thanks)))))))))) really there is no difference between ETC and EXP Periphery: thunderwolf, but on the brighter note my closest friend ever is comin up from the US to help me work on cars moha: in marketcap at the least Periphery: thunderwolf, he has a big malamute :3 Miner Dunn: Plunder420, check the ETH community forums, lots of info about ROM tweaks.This is a great thread goldcore: what to buy today ...I have a bad feeling this might pump again soon joseph-54f8: Miner Dunn, That is a problem with the markets. Thank you much Soy Felce: spider, can talk you in private?Maybe Open Bazaar would be useful techish: superniklaz, I joined SDC slack what is your username there Chunder Cat: the Bunk, yes it does. nwminer: flymetothexmr, ok everinu: Soy Felce, it is not matter rise and fall because it will be small surf23er: Mc Lovie, CHOO CHOO FCT is leaving the station! Dont Be Scared: FCT screaming Miner Dunn: Plunder420, are you joking?Choose your TOOLS wisely when determining which direction a market will swing. cassidy.a.keyser: Miner Dunn, Eth Soy Felce: spider, I need to know because you think xmr will go up? they seem to be the absolute best bang for the buck with ETH shorts: Lisky Business, sql?

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