Technology that doesnt rely on updating signatures or urls

Undoubtedly, this can help 'hide' major parts of your system from unwanted attention.

Unicode is a standard requirement of well-known computer languages such as Java and XML, making it a feature of many modern operating systems.

Because signature-based IDS can miss characters written in Unicode transformation format, it is easy for an attacker to submit a URL containing an exploit that would allow other programs to be run and files accessed on the host computer.

And, because of the hackers' tendency to continually test and probe, it is only a matter of time before they discover a way around even the most sophisticated signature-based intrusion detection systems.

In reality, the threat of network intrusion hangs over any organization that possesses a network that is open to the outside world.

Because the byword of every modern organization is connectivity, even those companies that have no direct Internet presence remain vulnerable to hacker attack and intrusion.

Intrusion detection has become big business on the Internet and, to be honest, it's not surprising.

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