Gigabyte bios live bios updating utility


At this point I’ve only installed a few packages to test things out, like Midnight Commander and sudo, in preparation for having an unrestricted SSHd.

If you need a SSH client, and are on Windows, Pu TTY is highly recommended.There’s a lot of options out there, from dirt cheap ARM SBCs to pricey high-end i7 Intel NUC systems.Some of the hardware I’d been looking at includes the Udoox86 Ultra, UP Squared, Raspberry Pi 3, ODROID-XU4, and a myriad of lower-end Intel NUC and Zotac ZBOX systems.I’ve been wanting to set up some sort of network storage for years now, but never really had the means (read: money) to do so.I had considered repurposing an old computer to run something like Free NAS, but ’round here they’re usually handed down to family members as I upgrade to newer hardware.To experiment, I turned to Oracle’s Virtual Box hardware virtualization software, and my go-to Linux distribution – Slackware.

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