Designer cs not updating


Visual studio 2010 not generating new control definitions in designer file Visual Studio 2010 Designer File Not Updating This seems to me to be related to the Application Page template, as the Designer works fine for user controls in the same project, and the Application Page template doesn't allow Design View. here is a trick for this little problem: add a user control to your project.

copy all the markup code over to this user control.

The most obvious choice is to select “Run Custom Tool” from the EDMX file, but that doesn’t do anything: If you F4 the corresponding T4 file you can see that the custom tool associated with the T4 file is: Text Templating File Generator So, I selected “Run Custom Tool” from the T4 context menu: And that generated the file: But I still didn’t have the Foo class in my object model: So I selected the “Run Custom Tool” on the “Conf Speakers. I will ping the product team to see if they can run the custom tool on the EDMX file when it is saved and recursively run on all the tt files associated with that EDMX parent.” file: And that generated the correct object model: So anytime you find your EF model and/or class files out of sync with your database then you need to manually run the “Run Custom Tool” command on both the [Entities]file and the [Entities].

I've never used the auto-generated designer files in Visual Studio before (it's the OCD...), but I'm trying to use them now and I don't know if this is a known problem or if I'm just SOL.

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The value of this property must be either blank or one of the built-in custom tools.For example, a custom tool might be a dataset code generator that reads in an XML Schema (.xsd) file and generates classes in a code file that programmatically exposes its tables and columns.There is a predefined list of custom tools available in the product; this property enables you to see which custom tool is applied to a file.So when I later converted my project to Visual Studio 2017 and . I found out that adding a resource file also adds the following to the project’s I was still wondering why it stopped working in the first place, so I (again) looked at the past commits where I updated the project to newer . Apparently, the resource files were never mentioned in the old json-based project files. I opened one of my LINQ to SQL dbml files, made some changes, and then saved it back to have my designer generated data classes updated.The next weird issue I have encountered is a situation that can occur with the Resource. This file is automatically generated to give static access to all of the layout elements available.

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