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Explicit in her analysis of Lewinsky is that we are on safe grounds in basing a psychological evaluation of her on media reports.And, of course, Monica Lewinsky posed no significant threat to Clinton or anyone else.There is a simple message in the details of this young life.Whether or not we admit its pathetic quality, we must all recognize that people such as Monica Lewinsky exist, and that they pose a significant threat to those who choose to become intimately involved with them.

Persons in power positions become targets of other who wish to bring them down; some times by false charges, sometimes by frivolous civil suits.The public appears to accept, without reservation, the image of Bill Clinton crafted by the Hollywood Houdini Harry Thomason and other supporters: He is struggling valiantly in adversity; he shoulders his burdens and carries on selflessly for family and country.Should it become necessary, those same supporters are undoubtedly prepared to portray Ms.The fact is that when it comes to power figures everyone close to the so-called powerful is vulnerable.And when it comes to love and sex, one cannot truly love without making oneself emotionally vulnerable.Billie Dziech is probably the most committed academic to obliterating student professor intimate relationships.

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